Next course 13-17 March 2017


Communicating Science is a course for PhD students and postdocs that want to reach out with their research. What are the main things to think about? How do journalists find their stories? How can I improve my performance?

In an increasingly linked and networked world, scientists need to be effective communicators to many different audiences, from grant agencies to scientific peers, public audiences and the media. While some people have an inherent ability to communicate science well, this does not come naturally to all of us, and just like other aspects of scientific work, science communication is a skill that can be learnt and developed. In this PhD level course students will learn about the common skills that all effective science communicators have: identifying and characterizing the target audience; distilling the relevant information to be communicated; effective ways to deliver and receive information; and the variety of techniques and media by which scientific information is communicated.

Practical information

  • Where to go: Fagus, Department of Geology, Sölvegatan 12, Lund
  • Eduroam (wireless network) is available
  • Facebook group: CommunicatingScienceCourse

On Tuesday you will need to have a 5 minute presentation ready about your research (using something like PowerPoint). This presentation is intended to simulate a conference situation, and will be used to help you improve your public performance. Five slides are probably enough for 5 minutes.


You will be creating a webpage. This requires access to a computer. Your will need to record some video during the course. This will not require high resolution. Am smart/tablet/laptop/digital camera video recorder is fine. Make sure you know how to retrieve the video file so we can watch it on a common computer. You will need internet connectivity. Make sure you know how to connect to eduroam outside of your own institution (by adding after user ID, eg for Lund University this would be or have other internet access options.

The course book

We use Escape from the Ivory Tower as a course book (see the email we sent out for more details). Although we highly recommend reading the entire book, we ask all course participants to read the following before the course:

  • Chapter 2. The Decision to Speak Out
  • Chapter 8. Deliver a Clear Message
  • Chapter 9. Ace Your Interview
  • Chapter 10. Fine-Tune for Radio and Television
  • Chapter 11. Reach out Instead of Waiting
  • Chapter 12. Promote a Paper
  • Chapter 15. Leading the Way: Ten Steps to Success

Resources and links referred to in the book can be reached at this link.